Systems After Dark


Your buyer experience should take the edge off - not put you on edge.

You could keep trying to figure it out yourself.

Or you can sit back and enjoy the made-to-order, uniquely automated, systems cocktail of your dreams.

Trust me, it's gonna be sweet. 🍓


Raise your glass if you've ever been victimized by

→ Juggling more apps than a bartender on New Year's Eve (it's giving stress, am I right?)

→ Watching your bank account shrink faster than an ice cube in July (literally, wtf)

→ DIY-ing your tech stack like you're assembling IKEA furniture after a night out

→ Serving up a client experience that's more mocktail than top-shelf 🥵

You're next at the bar for our signature hot mess to hell yes nightcap;

A cool and collected system that works harder than you do (without breaking a sweat).


Your clients deserve the VIP treatment.


Your potential dream client lands on your sleek, branded sales page. They're excited to work with you and ready to get started.

Instead of the usual back-and-forth email circus, they glide through a seamless process:

They select their payment plan and hit 'Pay Now'.

With a quick checkbox, they agree to your terms (smartly hyperlinked, of course).

Boom! They're instantly directed to your intake form.

Form submitted? They're whisked away to book their welcome call.

Google Calendar invite? Sent to both of you, faster than you can put your heels on 👠


You're sipping on your marg and your phone pings.

Another client successfully onboarded! And the best part? You didn't lift a finger. Your automated Go HighLevel system handled it all.

No more "check your email for the next step" hassle.

No more clients dropping off because of a clunky process. Just one smooth, VIP experience from start to finish. And once they're done? A single, perfectly timed welcome email lands in their inbox, with everything they need.

For your course or membership clients? It's even sweeter.

They pay, agree to terms, and bam – instant access to your portal. No waiting, no friction, just happy clients diving into your content.


Your all-in-one business solution:

Go HighLevel

A top-shelf setup doesn't need a fancy tech stack.

Let me introduce you to the one software that has almost every feature you need to run your business all in one place.

Making your life that much easier - and your wallet that much happier.

You don't have to worry about creating your account now - we want to make the most out of your 30-day free trial.

I am gonna drop the link though, just in case you can't help yourself.


Your Custom Cocktail


Offer Sales Pages & Customer Journey

You provide the copy, we create a sales page and client experience that effortlessly blends in with your website design. Don't have a website? We can build that for you in GHL too!

Replaces Clickfunnels, Kajabi, KaRtra


Calendars & CRM

We'll set up a pipeline for your offers so you can see exactly where your leads or client are in their journey, along with any calendars needed for calls.

Replaces dubsado, calendly, acuity


Payments & Payment Plans

One time payments, coupons, subscriptions, payments plans - we can set up almost any payment accommodation you need for your clients.

Replaces HONEYBOOK, thrivecart, SAMCART


Emails & Templates

From lead to off boarding, we aim to automate almost 100% of the client journey emails. We'll also set up templates for you to use for regular email marketing.



Forms, Applications & Contracts

We'll recreate your applications, onboarding forms - we can even automatically send contracts for e-signaturee.



Courses, Communities & Certificates

We'll import your course or membership area into GHL. You can host a community inside the portal (which clients can access via an app). We can even create a certificate clients receive for completing your program.



Automations & Workflows

This is where the magic happens. To tie in all the features above, we create robust, strategic workflows to invite, onboard, off board, and nurture your audience on autopilot .

Replaces ZAPIER, relay


Account Set up & Optimization

We'll make sure all your GHL settings are set up correctly, including email domains, and create a custom branded link-in-bio page with your domain linking to your offers.

The Line Up

NO. 01

Qualify for admission

Answer a couple questions to make sure we can get you on the guest list

NO. 02

Reserve your table

You can book a consult first or lock in your spot with by starting your payment, booking your welcome toast, completing the intake form, and signing on the dotted line.

NO. 03

Discover your flavor profile

On your welcome call, we'll strategize the perfect blend of ingredients for your signature systems cocktail.

NO. 04

This is where the magic happens

You sit back and relax while I do my thing over the next 4-8 weeks.

NO. 05

Take the first sip

After thorough taste testing, we'll document it the recipe in your Business Book. You'll have 2 weeks of troubleshooting support after your systems are ready to launch.

Transparent Pricing

GHL Strategy & Setup


→ 1 lead magnet

→ Link page

→ Coming soon page + waitlist

→ Client portal

→ Newsletter system

→ All features & systems for each offer


1-2 offers | $2600

3-4 offers | $4850

Website & Extras


→6 Pages:

Home, About, Services, Contact, Portfolio & Favorites

→Contact Form & systems


Website | $1250

Add-On: Blog | $260

Add-On: Podcast Page | $800 -

includes show notes set up, guest booking process, and listener Q&A

E-commerce Store


→ Website Shop Pages

→ Product Set Up

→ Shipping label fulfillment automation

→ All features & systems required for shop


5 Products, 3 variants | $1250

10 Products, 3 variants | $2490

This website and the process it takes you through is 100% created and hosted on go highlevel

This is totally a good option for you if:

  • You have an established process for your offers

  • Your brand has a defined style guide

  • You're ready to level up your client experience

  • You want to streamline your business operations

  • You're excited about automating repetitive tasks

  • You have or will have copy for your sales pages

This might not be for you right now if:

  • You're still figuring out your offer process

  • You don't have a brand style guide yet

  • You're not ready to invest in systems and automation

  • You prefer handling everything manually

  • You're looking for a quick fix rather than a comprehensive solution

  • You're not willing to provide necessary content or feedback during the project

I'll whip up a STELLAR & SIMPLE Experience THAT

Give your clients the red-carpet welcome they deserve.

Let's be real. There's nothing worse than dropping $30 on a drink that looks like it fought its way through a mosh pit to reach your table.

The secret to smooth, easy-to-drink systems cocktail is making it in the same glass. Transitioning to GHL makes automating your lead-to-offboarding client experience easier than you could ever imagine.


Love what your saying, still not sure what Go HighLevel is?

GHL or GoHighLevel is, in my opinion, the #1 all-inclusive sales & marketing software. It's the platform that helps us reduce your tech stack expenses by 60-80% on average. It has almost every feature you need to run your business all in one place, making your systems that much easier to automate.

  • Automations

  • Website, Funnel & Sales Page Builder

  • E-commerce Shop and Order Fulfillment

  • Communities, Memberships, Courses & Certificates

  • Email Builder, Campaigns & Templates

  • Payment Plans, Invoices & Coupons

  • Contracts, Forms, Surveys

  • Affiliate Manager

  • Social Media Planner

  • CRM, Contact List & Calendars

You definitely don't have to use all the features at first - but it's great to know they're there if you need them.

Don't worry about creating an account now: we'll start your 30-day free trial after the welcome call so we can make the most of it.

I have no website or current systems in place... can I still work with you?

If you don't have a website: That's ok! We create the sales pages for your offers and a link page, designed with your brand guidelines. If you wanted a website created in GHL, you can add that on to your setup.

If you have no systems: That's ok, you just need to have a process. We'll work together on optimizing it, but what we're setting up needs to be something you've already done in some capacity - even if every step was done manually.

I paid a buttload for my website on another software. Can I keep that and still work with you / use Go HighLevel for my systems?

Absolutely!! I will link and embed anything we need to get your GHL systems connected to your website.

There are a couple pages we'll have to create in GHL (like the checkout page) - we make it look JUST like your website and use your URL so no one will ever know.

This sounds AMAZING, is there a way I could chat with you first before getting started?

OBVIIIIIIII, hehehe. Click here to book a free consult with me to talk about all the things.

I'm already using GHL but it desperately needs some love. Can you still help?

Your GHL Systems & Automations Strategist

Tatyana Gomez

Miami-born, Denver-based. Dog mom, dancer, definitely a Taurus.

I've spent over 6 years perfecting the art of automation & aesthetic on the Go HighLevel software 💄


→ I was a bartender for 10 years

→ I'm literally obsessed with gold jewelry and deep house

→ Chocolate is my love language

→ I once lived on a ranch with chickens... and sheep

I'm serving up business solutions with one part strategy, two parts style, and a splash of sass.

What can I get ya? 🥂

Go HighLevel 30-Day Trial

Sign up for GHL with our affiliate link and unlock bonus goodies 👀

Systems After Dark 🪩

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